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Welcome to Ice Miracles, your finest choice for unsurpassed artistic
tradition in New York. Here at our studio we strive for aesthetic
excellence while maintaining our reputation of impeccable reliability
and service. We illuminate your venue with meticulously carved,
light reflecting ice sculptures.


A wedding is something most people wait a lifetime for, what better
way to capture your love than through an elegant ice sculpture at
your New York wedding. By displaying unique and memorable works of
ice sculpture art you fully reflect how special your day truly is. Contact
us to talk to an event professional.
Wedding Ice Scuptures Gallery

Welcome to Ice Miracles wedding still gallery. Please contact us if you
have any questions regarding ice sculpture options.

Food Service

Ice displays for seafood and fruit is yet another way your guests can
interact with an ice carving. Ice tables, tiered creations or ice bowls
can make your edible stations a little more beautiful and interesting.
Corporate Sculptures

Ice Sculptures can be a great addition to a corporate promotion or holiday party.  Ice Miracles specializes in ice sculpture creations that best suit your company style.  Your corporate identity is important to you and Ice Miracles creates elegance in ice to suit your promotional needs. 
We work closely with you to create the perfect sculpture for your promotion.
At our studio there are a wide variety of ice sculpture options available. 
Some of which are ice logos, laminates, encasing products in ice and great
ice bar and ice luge pieces for functionality. 
Corporate Sculptures Gallery

Welcome to Ice Miracles corporate still gallery.  Remember that the
ice sculptures listed are examples of past work, not a catalog you must
order from.   Ice Miracles still remains a company that loves to create
original ice sculptures that best suit your New York or New Jersey event.

Ice Luges

Ice Luges have become a standard fixture at many New York events.
Corporate logos and other engravings can be impressed in the Luge
to give your Luge a more personal touch.  Ice Miracles has effectively transformed the Ice Luge market by innovating designs to suit all
events. We create both elegant Martini Ice Luges for upscale
New York City galas to direct Shot Luges for less reserved Long Island
parties.  Whichever your preference, a Luge can be a fun and interactive addition to your next event. Enjoy our samples and remember that any
ice sculpture can be converted into a Luge.  Contact us for pricing and suggestions that will best suit your party.
Ice Luge Picture Gallery - New York

Welcome to Ice Miracles, New York's leading provider of Ice Luges and
Ice Sculptures, for New York, New Jersey and Long Island Events.
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding ice sculpture options.
Ice Bars

An ice sculpture bar is one of the most impressive statements you can
make at a venue.  Your guests will be in awe of the size and stature
of these beautiful and functional creations.  Great personal innovations
can be utilized throughout your ice bar.  Frozen flowers, monograms
and corporate logos are just some of the great additions available. 
Please contact us for pricing and suggestions.
Welcome to Ice Miracles events page.  Listed are a variety of ice
sculpture samples from events ranging from holiday parties to
Bar Mitzvahs and birthdays.  Ice Miracles will create the perfect
sculpture that can best suit your special day.  Please enjoy the
picture samples.  Please contact is for suggestions and pricing. 

Table centerpieces can be the perfect way to distinguish your
New York event.  Ice Miracles has taken the lead by innovating a
variety of different centerpiece designs can best accentuate event. 
Options include engraving of names/ logos, beautiful vases and
frozen floral designs.  The cost of most table centerpieces is actually
the same or less than most floral arrangements.    Contact us for a
quote and/or suggestion.

About Us

Centrally located in Long Island, between Manhattan and the Hamptons,
Ice Miracles can service your needs in the tri-state area with convenient
ice sculpture set up and careful breakdown services. We pride ourselves
of being cognizant of delivery complexities as well complexities of the individual event.

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We are dedicated to providing stunning Ice Sculptures and Ice Luges to clients in New York City, Long Island, the Hamptons, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Westchester, parts of New Jersey and lower Connecticut.
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